Do All Cars Come with A Jack?

Lifting your car on your own might be good for exercise(impractical though), but why do hard work while you can handle things smartly. To lift your vehicle, car jacks are the only thing you need.

I hope you know, what jack stand is. But in case you do not know, a jack stand is all about lifting your car or trunk’s weight. Jacks are of various types, and they also come in different weight ratings.

But do all cars come with a jack?

Did You Look in the Right Place?

There are some customers reaching Toolscue who don’t know all the possible jack locations. Jacks could be placed in many areas. Some of them are;

  • The side compartment
  • Under or behind the seats
  • Luggage floor cover

The most common location for the car jack is in the trunk. But on some occasions, you can find it in other places as well, which I have already mentioned.

Did It Come with the Car?

Most of you should have a jack with the new automobile. If not, you can talk to your dealer.

Also, be careful about the type of the jack you are receiving. There are many types of jacks like scissor jacks, hydraulic bottle jack, hi-lift jack, etc.

Did It Come with the Car

But scissor jacks are the most common which come with cars and trucks. Weight capacity is the main game here. If you want to buy this kind of jacks, make sure your jack has a great weight capacity to lift cars and trucks.

If you still can’t find your jack, the hard answer is; there isn’t one.

Where Can You Get the Jack?

There are plenty of jacks in the market, and most of them are far better than your average dealer will offer. We have done many reviews on the best jacks for lifted trucks. You can check them out if you want.


If you are not buying the vehicle from a renowned dealer or brand, then you know that how long the free jack is gonna last. So, why bother so much? Get your own!