Should I Get a Speedboat or a Pontoon Boat?

Overflowing with different options, the boating industry seems to have made it difficult for consumers to make choices. With the differences becoming slimmer and slimmer, it’s harder to differentiate between any two categories.

Choices are excellent as they give consumers a variety to look into; however, as the saying goes, ‘too much of anything is bad.’ 

A large percentage of private boat owners buy their boats, keeping relaxation as a critical factor in their list. Along with other things, however, when you’re considering relaxation at an affordable price, both speed boats and pontoon boats come on top of the list.

Even though you might be buying this keeping similar interests in mind, both categories will have their own set of differences. Impacting your experience with the boats in a highly distinguishable way before we look into the differences, it’s essential for us to understand both categories.

Speed Boats

With a category that seems to have no end, it gets complicated to compare them with other product lines. Thus, we’re going to break it down to what’s most relevant i.e., Deck Boats.

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Deck boats are the more consumer-based, day to day use type of speed boats available in the market. They’re a fun way of getting about on your weekends; riding these, you’ll have to have that adventure-seeking personality to be able to get the most out of it.

Their layout is similar to that of most traditional boats, with a regular hull that provides that streamlined ability for a quicker commute. If you’re a water sports enthusiast, then there’s no looking further. With the added benefit of being quite spacey, these all in one type of boats will keep you stunned.


Coming down from the speed boat line, you’ll expect Deck boats to live up to that name. Which they gracefully do, with a streamlined body structure, the boats can whizz through the water quite blissfully.

Since they’re meant for family and friends to have fun on, they keep a balance of both power and comfort. And if you’re all into breaking the balance, you could always go for a larger engine, or even two. Giving you a burst of power that can take you upwards of 120mph.


Most speed boats aren’t famous for their sizes, with very little space available for you to walk around. This can make you feel a bit claustrophobic. However, deck boats aren’t like most speed boats. As we mentioned, these boats commit to giving you that perfect balance.

With a large size, your passengers will have enough space to stretch their legs and move about from time to time. They might not be able to mingle about as often as possible. But yes, more than most cramp packed speed boats.

They have vessels that measure on average at 6-7 meters, but they can quite easily stretch out over 8 meters. This will mainly be based on the money you’ll be pouring down and on the number of guests you plan to take with.

Water Sports

The biggest reason to purchase a deck boat lies here. With excellent engine power and an easy mounting position for water sports equipment. You’ll have that adventurous and thrill-seeking lifestyle you craved.

With a wide array of water sports equipment available in the market, such as wakeboarding, tubing, waterskiing and even parasailing, there’s no end to the amount of fun and thrill that awaits, for both you and your boating buddy.

Except for watersports, other fun activities such as fishing can be very conveniently done. You can even buy deck boats with the added fishing packages that include few amenities that are necessary while fishing.

Type of Water

Based on the idea of relaxation, thrill, and entertainment. Deck boats are made to be driven in weather conditions that match these ideas. When you’re traveling with your family and friends, you’d want a boat that lets you talk, mingle, and even get up and party.

Deck boats will be a great addition to your lake facing villas and are great for calm streams. A great to spend a relaxing day in the calm waters, without having to worry about people going overboard due to large waves.

You might want to consider choosing deep waters; due to the shape of the hull, the boat might find itself in trouble. Hitting the bedrock of the river, leaving your boat with permanent damages.

Brands to Be Considered

If you’re new to this, it’s only reasonable that you have a minimal idea about the ins and outs of owning a boat. If you find yourself stuck with a manufacturer that doesn’t provide much support. You’ll find resenting owning a boat, to prevent that we’re here to set you in the right direction.


A massive name in the boating industry; this company, based in various states in America, has been making quality boating vessels since 1986. With a dedicated product line for motorboats.

Boston Whaler

If you have a fat wallet, then we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on a boat that gives relaxation a new meaning. A company that makes the most luxurious models. Giving you the freedom to make a boat that fits your needs.


When it comes to design, these people tend to set a benchmark that can’t be hit by most. With their sleek designs and bold colors, it’s difficult to miss their vessels. Another proof of beautiful American craftsmanship at work, paired with prominent quality standards.


This one’s for the learners, those that are just stepping their feet into this hobby. Quality beginner boats are designed to take up the users’ accidents. Boasting durability at an affordable price.


Boats that are made to drive outperformance, with hulls streamlined to lower drag to the least of levels. They don’t make boats to just take you from A to B. Rather boats that’ll leave your hair flying back, and you thrilled.

Pontoon Boat

These, in general, are large boats that feature a flat deck shape that is mounted on top of two or more metal tubes called pontoons. The metal tubes allow the boat to maintain buoyancy; this paired with its design allows for larger decks.

They involve a minimal layout, which helps make them light and convenient. With greater floor space, you’re able to host larger events or trips with your boating buddy. Before you make your decision, it important to consider an array of factors that make pontoon boats a good choice.


Pontoons a few years back were quite lacking in this region. Where they were unable to incorporate large engines due to their designs. Interfering in the boat’s ability to having a streamlined body structure.

However, with recent innovations in the boating industry and the use of new materials. Companies are now able to put on larger sized engines providing as much as 900 horsepower.

High power guzzling models can now travel up to speeds of 60mph. This puts the vehicle in speed boat territories. They are now built with larger tubes that make the pontoon more dynamic in the water.


Since these boats are mainly targeting consumers that have relaxation in mind. Pontoon manufacturers now make them according to the needs of high-end consumers.

With interior packages that give you the scope of customization. You’ll feel like you’re buying a Rolls Royce. From the fabrics being used, the woodwork that is included, the type of wheel, and even the floor covering. All these will be factored on your ability to spend.


What’s a good party without music? With parties being one of the main reasons to buy them, it’s important companies include a good stereo speaker. Once you’re in the market, you’ll find an array of manufacturers who are willing to hook you up with the best speaker system that fits your requirements.

Except for a good electrical system, you don’t need a large number of electronic gizmos. Considering these boats are mainly based on freshwater scenarios.

However, if you’re a tech-savvy individual, many companies allow you to add on high tech navigation systems, chart plotters, integrated control panels, and much more.


With a large section of the consumer segment planning to spend their weekends in a quiet setting, as they fish peacefully at the lake. It’s expected of manufacturers to make sure that consumers can fish ever so effortlessly. The pontoons interior is designed accordingly, with a few designated seats designed especially for fishing.

You’ll also be able to get an entire fishing package; this should include compartments for your fishing equipment. Refrigeration systems to keep your fish from getting spoilt, and other smaller things such as pole rest. All in all, this should provide an ideal solution for your fishing needs.

Brands You Should Look out for

With such a vast ocean of pontoon boat manufacturers to choose from, it becomes difficult to find the best ones. Since these boats can be counted as an expensive investment, the right one must be made. Here’s a list of a few brands that we believe will be worth your money.


A boat manufacturer who has been producing high quality, durable vehicles for over 70 years. Seventy years of experience packed with a great price and a large variety to choose from.

LOWE Boats

That classic American craftsmanship paired with their highly affordable prices and a combination of durability and safety. This included their ability to meet every consumer’s needs, makes for a solid investment.


This is for high ballers, for those who’d prefer a luxurious weekend away from their busy schedules. High tech and extremely comfortable pontoons that’ll put a hole in your wallets but a worthy one at that.


With a 50-year-old heritage of delivering that top-grade American expertise. You can expect great things from their boats in terms of quality and performance.


For the fishing enthusiast in you, this one should be a catch. With boats specifically crafted for fishing, with the added benefits of durability and affordability. It’s a catch. We recommend not letting go.

Factors to Consider Before You Make Your Decision

Both boats give you an overall great experience in their ways. However, while making your decision, it’s important that you are completely aware of each product line’s abilities, and where each lack. This has led us to mention a few factors that should be considered before you make a choice.


The idea of buying these categories of boats is so that you and your friends or family can spend time together. However, it’s also important for people to be able to move around mingle with each other.

Pontoon boats seem to win this round, with a flat shape. The pontoon boats allow for more space for people to move around. Not only do you get greater seating capacity. The seats are positioned to face one another. So, talking or mingling isn’t something you need to consider.

On the other hand, deck boats give you a comfortable amount of space. But that isn’t much compared to pontoons. If you’re considering throwing parties for a large number of guests, then going for pontoon boats would be a good idea.

The Thrill

With a generation full of thrill-seekers and adventure hogs, it’s only natural that boats must become faster. If you’re one of them, then we’d highly recommend that you consider a Deck Boat.

Given their big engines and their streamlined bodies, getting from point A to B wouldn’t have been this fun before. The higher power means a larger range of thrill-seeking activities can be fulfilled. So, if you ever get bored of one, you can always just leap to the next.

Pontoon boats, in this case, have to step down. Even with their high-powered engines, they don’t compare to the deck boats. Rather their shape allows them to be one of the safest boats to be manufactured. Making these much more convenient and suitable for family fun, where mainly small kids and aged people are involved.

So, this one’s going to be dependent not only on your own personality but also on the type of people you’re planning to host.


Once you’re out there in the midst of the water, separated from most of civilization. It won’t be easy for you to get help, even if the coast guard is present, he’ll still take a good amount of time to get to. In such cases, having a boat with good handling and navigability is essential.

Pontoon boats give handling a new definition; with the flat shape of the hull, even a novice could drive it without a hitch. It’s meant to keep things as simple as possible, so you rather than driving and can keep your focus on relaxing. The boat also sits on a high tube; this allows the boats to swoop into shallow waters easily. The navigability of this vessel couldn’t get any simpler.

Deck boats have a different case; they’re super fun to drive, given the shape of the hull. And can make some excellent turns at high speeds, due to their hulls design. However, this must be left to those with some experience at handling boats.

Therefore, this factor is a representation of the amount of skill you possess. If you’re a complete beginner, then the pontoon should do you good. However, with a few years of experience, you’ll find deck boats to be much more fun.

Comfort & Excitement

As the owner/ the captain of your boat, you must ensure that your guests remain entertained and comfortable at all times. Both these boats considering factors such as their design, engine, and much more provide fairly different experiences. It all comes down to who you’re inviting into your vessel.

A pontoon in its way is great for having a calm and soothing day after a hectic week. Added to the luxurious interior of the boat, you can host some very sophisticated gatherings.

 This a boat that caters better to a crowd who enjoys socializing rather than being strapped in a safety harness and being tugged along in the water.

The deck boat is a livelier situation, mainly for those adrenaline rushing teens. Those who prefer being on their feet, feeling the bumps of the water than sitting in one place and just talking. Those who couldn’t care less for comfort, and rather are more occupied trying to perfect wakeboarding tricks.

This is the point that differentiates the two boats and should give you that clear view of what you were looking to get from a boat.


Knowing the boat, your drive is necessary, as this is what sets limits on what can and cannot be done. Thus, clearing out the difference between each. Hopefully, this article will help you make the right judgment call. Where you get to choose the boat that fits you perfectly.

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